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Sights and Sightseeing in Thassos

Due to its rich history, Thassoshas numerous great archaeological and historical sights. We recommend you to visit the Archaeological Museum in the capital city of Thassos,the ancient theatre and market. Also,another place worth visiting is the museum of the sculptor Polygnotos Vages in Potamia. The archaeological site of Aliki with its ancient settlement and mines.The submerged mine at the edge of the peninsula and the huge boulders that still lie on the seabed indicate that in this place there was a work-site that had been operating,without stop,for 12 centuries(from 6B.C. to 6A.D.).
Just before Aliki,on the route from Potos to Thassos, you can visit the monastery of Archangel Michael. At the mone they keep a relic(a piece of the nails from the Jesus cross).We strongly recommend you to visit the folkrore Museum of Theologos and Limenaria.

Local Thassian Cuisine

The food here in Thassos is simply splendid. Thassos is very famous for the culinary experiences it can provide to visitors. There are many taverns and restaurants that offer delightful local specialities. At many seaside settlements you can try the local seafood, such as sun-dried octopus, fresh fishes, roasted goat, cheeses, traditional pies, the popular soup “kakavia” and traditional sweets.You can also drink some of the fine local tsipouro...

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Beaches of Thassos

The beaches in Thassos combine pine trees with beautiful sea-shores. From the hotel you can easily access the beach of Potos. It is a gorgeous and clean beach that attracts many people. It is well organised, with sea sports and ideal for swimming and long walks. Just before Potos you will pass by Peukari. This place took its name from the nearby pine forest. The beach here is one of the most famous in the island for its deep and clear waters and the water sports centre. Other beaches worth-mentioning are Metalleia, Aliki, Chrysi Ammoudia and Paradeisos. You can find a more detailed list with all the beaches of the island here.


Thassos is known for its lush forests,lovely landscapes and wonderful beaches. Nature-lovers can enjoy going for mountain bike cycling, hiking, climbing, hunting, fishing, sea sports and diving, because the morphology, rich flora and fauna of the island are ideal for such activities. There are also numerous natural paths and if you decide to traverse them you will be rewarded in the end by the magical view. We recommend you to go for hiking or mountain bike cycling at the many charming locations of the island. If you do not know from where to begin your adventure,we can directly organise for you a hike with a guide or not.It depends on your personal desires and skill of course.



From Villa Maria you can easily access to the following places:
  • Thassos & Port: 45 km
  • Centre of Potosύ: 20 m
  • Beach of Potos: 150 m
  • Super market: 30 m
  • Bus stop: 30 m