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Villa Maria is located in Potos Thassos. The hotel is in the centre of Potos and it only 150m away from the beach of the village St.Antonios. It is also very close to the central parking space of the village, to restaurants, super markets and a bus stop.
The distances from most locations of Thassos are relatively small and so you can go to a variety of places in no time, like museums, historical sights and other locations that are famous for their wonderful view.
Below there are some locations and the time one makes to reach them with a car from our establishment
  • St.Antonios 2'
  • Peukari 4'
  • Limenaria 8'
  • Psili Ammos 10'
  • Aliki 22'
  • Paradise 40'
  • Skala Potamias - Skala Panagias 50'
  • Kazaviti 75'
  • Thassos 60'

These maps show where Villa Maria and Potos are located.

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From Villa Maria, you can easily access the following places :
  • Thassos & Port: 45 km
  • Potos Center: 20 m
  • Potos Beach: 150 m
  • Super Market: 30 m
  • Bus Stop: 30 m

How can you reach Thassos and Potos.
The island of Thassos is connected to Kavala,Peramo and Keramoti by boat and flying dolphins.

Α. By airplane at the airport "Megas Alexandros" which is 27km from Kavala and just 5km from Keramoti. At the international airport of Kavala there are daily flights to and from Athens(50min.) and many other european cities.
Β. By car as far as the harbors of Peramos,Kavala and Keramoti from where you can continue by boat towards the harbors of Prinos and Thassos.
There are frequent buses that can take you from Potos and Thassos to many other destinations on the island. If you like,you can rent a car or a motocycle from rental services that can be found almost everywhere on the island.


From Villa Maria you can easily access to the following places:
  • Thassos & Port: 45 km
  • Centre of Potosύ: 20 m
  • Beach of Potos: 150 m
  • Super market: 30 m
  • Bus stop: 30 m